• Peter Chan

Our Story

DC started out small with 2 to 4 workers at Mandai Estate in 2012. The old Mandai factory was small and not convenient for our clients to meet us. To better meet our clients' needs, we shifted to Kaki Bukit in 2015 with a bigger work space. We build up

our image, improve our system & expanded our team to 20+ workers. We used to

rent a lorry for delivery; and fast forward today, we own 2 vans, 1 lorry - enabling on-time delivery. Till date, we expanded our renovation business into:

  1. DC Design Team - 360° Design consultancy and project management services

  2. DC Production Team - In house carpentry; electrical & plumbing; cleaning, painting and general contractor works.

Our unique selling points - we believe in having our own production team, so as to ensure i) competitive price, ii) quality works and iii) reasonable renovation time frame to our clients. We do not invest on a luxury showroom in prime location or invest heavily on advertising. We keep our company as low cost operation so to keep our selling price low for our clients.

Our Business Model - Direct Selling To Customers

Appreciate all the great support and we will continue to deliver the best value works to our clients. Happy 2018!

Regards, Peter Chan

Tel: +65 62936697; Fax: +65 62933771 

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